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Conscious Genetics

Just a weed enthusiast from north London who began to form a vision. Team Conscious became inspired by people who had their own strains like berner and wiz khalifa and wanted to form their very own strain of Mary Jane.
    They did the research and came up with their first hybrid – conscious cookies – a cross between a female bag seed from cali of some blue cookies and a guarddawg f3 male bred by @redeyedgenetics.
   The next step in the conscious genetics journey took place when they decided to enhance their strain and cross her with something else. So they hunted through a select number of males from their conscious cookies and choose the gassiest smelling pheno and decided to collect the pollen to hit onto a strain created by @extractedbysmokey which was a cross of the Californian infamous strain sunset sherbert and @ladysativagenetics  award-winning strain orange diesel v3. 
   Once those seeds were formulated they collected all the f1 seeds and began to pheno hunt once again. They hunted through about 25 phenos before they finally came across something special, Phenotype Miss no 9. Team Conscious don’t know why but it seems like 9 is their lucky number when it comes to pheno hunting. She had everything they were looking for in a breed so decided to keep her as a donor plant for future breeding projects. In fact, she turned out to be so special and unique, they binned all my other phenos full-stop and made her their signature strain. Conscious kush v1 pheno 9. That signature strain til this day, however, upon discovering miss no 9 they knew their journey wasn’t over and had the potential to create some of dankest, tasty, purple hybrids available and embarked on creating my conscious kush v2. 
   Coincidentally whilst looking for some rare purple strains to cross with my conscious kush v1 i came into contact with @annunakigenetics who had a bunch of rare purple breeds. Long story short their relationship with @annunakigenetics grew from strength to strength and they ended up becoming the exclusive European stockist for some of his creations. 
  Upon stocking and pheno hunting through his rare strains for a potential partner for my conscious kush v1, they decided to take things a step further. They ended up crossing some of his strains with some of their personal favorite strains to create something just more unique to cross with conscious kush v1 pheno 9.

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