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Conscious Genetics

A weed enthusiast with a passion for growing and pheno hunting. Conscious genetics has been breeding for just under 5 years and has gathered some of their personal favourite strains from the worlds best breeders to creat their strains. With genetics from lady sativa, annunaki genetics, dna genetics, red eyed genetics, dying breed genetics and more all combined to create some of the worlds finest hybrids. One of our first ever creations which is also the reversed mother to all our feminised strains was our conscious kush v1. A cross of blue cookies x odv3 x guarddawg x sunset sherbert. Our strains just don’t look good but also pack the flavour and power with thc ranges from 15% to 30%. Conscious genetics also prides themselves on creating some of the best purple strains, with purple phenos to be found in almost every pack of their strains

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