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Four Twenty Farms Genetics

Through a fascination with weed and due to an abundance of terribly grown and cured bud, Four Twenty Farms decided to start growing their own in a garage in 2011.

In the years that followed, they honed their craft by researching, reading and experimenting with various methods of cultivation.

Falling in love with the art of growing, Four Twenty Farms always wanted to breed but initially didn’t have the confidence.

Fast forward several years and Four Twenty Farms had hunted numerous Phenos and began experimenting with cross-breeding some of the most popular and fruity strains.

It wasn’t long before they realised they had a natural talent for breeding and having gifted out testers within the community, everyone was crying out for more, building a reputation for breeding super- fruity stable genetics with high levels of THC.

Going forward they continue to focus on exciting new crosses with medicinal properties,  being a long time sufferer of severe anxiety and depression himself, its something Four Twenty Farms Genetics feels compelled to do. He says  “it’s all about finding the right balance of CBD, whilst breeding super-tasty and potent Regular, Female and CBD strains”

The future looks very bright indeed and we are honoured to have them in the bank.

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