Asterion Seeds


I have been experimenting making my own cannabis hybrids including regular, fem and auto flower seeds for almost 10 years now, purely for my own experience and enjoyment. Starting with strains like Northern Lights, Lemon Haze and AK47 many years ago I have since developed my selection work and am producing seeds to a standard I would like to share them with other passionate growers and collectors.
I am first a farmer and second a seed/genetics nut and as such its really been difficult to sit back and watch the genetic saturation, rise of unstable/ intersex traits in plants and price of seeds go through the roof! I pride myself on my ethics and ensuring I produce the very best seeds I can every time, through proper selections, rigorous stress testing and truly understanding the stock that I’m breeding with. I have no rush to turn out seeds and have no desire to overcharge for packs, I started making seeds to help people improve the quality of the genetics they have in their garden – not to become a millionaire!

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