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For this cross, the Conscious team were looking for something with strong orange terps to cross with their conscious kush v1 pheno 9.  They had always intended to use the tangie and odv3. Odv 3 has got to be another personal favorite of the team.  They used to call it the tangie killer because of its high THC content and gassy orange terps.  However, all that changed once @dankgrowing gifted team Conscious with a cut of @ladysativagenetics orange marmalade he had personally hunted. She performed so much better than the odv3, more of a yielder, producing better bigger colas with a muskier orange earthy taste you could definitely taste the exodus cheese in their very strongly. She was lovely and that particular pheno has since gone on to win many cups. Whilst having such a strong contender for my cross Consous genetics then decided to take things a step forward and make her even more unique by also crossing her with a huckleberry soda male by @annunakigenetics. They wanted to add a little color and uniqueness to breeds by using @annunakigenetics creations as Conscious Genetics were the only breeder in Europe with them. Once those seeds were formed the team then hunted and selected 3 different phenos to hit with conscious kush v1 reversed fem creating the seeds to create orange cheesecake.


12 Feminised Seeds.

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  1. Taffy

    Wat can I say but banging lovely smoke think orange terps love it

  2. Taffy

    Wat can I say but banging love it true genetics beauty plant to grow and the smoke lovely

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