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60 Day Lemon – Auto flowering Female Cannabis Seeds


Over the past 3 years we have had a great response from our automatic 60 Day Wonder so now we have decided to spice things up a bit with this new cross to make the 60 Day Lemon.  With mouthwatering flavor and a super fast flowering time this strain is good for everyone, from the beginner to expert these ultra pungent fast flowering plants will have you amazed. No special light or light cycle is needed, you can even flower her in your kitchen window (Of course a proper 12/12 hour light cycle will give much better results). Our 60 Day Lemon is a perfect strain for the person who has always wanted to grow, but did not want to invest in a whole set up and grow room. Now all of you who never grew can get your feet wet with a crystal filled, lemon flavored gem.

And those of us who have grown plenty can, and will be amazed at the ease and joy of growing this cross.

Product Features

  • 6 Female Seeds
  • Lemon Skunk X Ruderalis
  • 80% indica : 20% Sativa
  • flowering time: 60 days from seed
  • Yield: 28-40g’s a plant!
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