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Brazilian Bombshell Regular Cannabis Seeds by Dark Horse Genetics


This is an incredibly exotic strain, full of fruit flavors from a blend of Banana, Cherry, and Lemon. These plants should have great fruity, greasy, resin production throughout most of the phenotype you’ll find. We used a phenotype we found from G.A.S Seeds Nana Pie (Banana OG x Cherry Pie) due to the level of unique, fruity flavors it produced.

Mixing this with the Joe’s Lemonade (Lemon Skunk x Alien Kush F2) gave her some more of a Kushy, lemon zest on top of the already-fruity (Banana OG x Cherry Pie) which should me similar to bag of Runtz candies thrown into a frozen banana lemonade, or a refreshing, July picnic fruit platter.

Brazilian Bombshell should be left to an intermediate grower, as she might take some time to get to get used to due to her interesting bushy growth structure. She should test in the range of 22-27% THC. Hybrid for sure but more on the Indica side. I’ve noticed the more flavorful phenotypes don’t test as high, but that’s not a bad thing. You might get lucky and find one that smells and taste amazing, plus test high too.

Product Features

  • 10 Regular Seeds
  • Genetics: [(Banana OG x Cherry Pie) x (Lemon Skunk x Alien Kush F2)]
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