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Critical Plus 2.0 Auto (Dinafem Seeds)


The Critical + 2.0 has taken the production of skunk to a whole new level. The Critical + was a bass-ass but her new big sister has got a big shiny knuckleduster wrapped around her fist.  

·      Mammoth yields

·      Fast finisher

·      Great for cash croppers

This is a unique strain that satisfies the demands of commercial growers and connoisseur. She’s a seriously fast grower and bangs out some phenomenal yields.  The Critical+ 2.0 stretches taller than most autos and has a very dense structure of lateral branches with loads of side buds that are heavier, tighter and more orange than the original. It’s probably best to check out your filters before growing because this is one stinky momma.

The Critical + 2.0 has set a new standard and is now the plant that every other auto is judged by.

Keep it discreet. Grow. Get high. Repeat.

Order today from Discreet Seeds and you’ll soon witness her enormous, skinky yields.

Remember, although it’s totally legal to purchase these seeds as a souvenir, it’s still naughty to grow these seeds in the UK. So they’re souvenirs, right? If you try and use them the way nature intended, expect a visit from the rozzers.

Discreet Seeds will go to extreme lengths to ship your seeds as discreetly as possible. We’ll get these magic beans to you as quickly as possible and completely under the radar.

The description of Critical Plus 2.0 Auto (Dinafem Seeds) is based on the information provided by  Dinafem Seeds. Check out the disclaimer page for more info…

Genetics: Critical + Auto x Critical +
Height: 60-130cm
Flowering Time: 70-80 Days
Indica/Sativa: Indica Dominant
Yield: Indoors 50-250 gr/pp, Outdoors 100-300 gr/pp
Harvest: April To October
THC: 20%
CBD: 1%
Taste: Deep With Hints Of Lemon
Effect: Powerful, Relaxing, Long Lasting
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor / Outdoor
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