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Strain: Jaffaland F2 (Jaffaland F1 x Jaffaland F1)

Genetics: Jaffaland = Jaffa Dawg (Jaffa Caked Cookies x Dawgs Bollox)  x Tangieland

Flowering Time: 7-10 weeks pheno dependent

Jaffaland F2 is a second generation slightly indicia dominant hybrid bred for its intense terp profile and powerful long lasting high. The parents used to take this strain to the second generation were Jaffaland #22 as the mother, she was an exceptional resin producer with a solid structure, responding very well to multi topping and LST. Her flavour was truly unique, strong orange candy but with a distinctive sour gas following swiftly, coating the mouth for hours to come! Finishing beautifully in 7.5/8.5 weeks with a yield that could easily put her into the category for commercial production. She was paired with Jaffaland #7 male, he was a completely purple balled beast with a powerful fuel chem aroma and solid resin production.

The Jaffaland F1 offspring proved to be fairly uniform with 3 different expressions dominating, with slight variations inside of those. A 50/50 perfect balance of the two parents, slightly indica leaning, solid producer, orange sweets/candy terps with a strong sour gas behind, finished in 8 weeks. Also a more sativa leaning expression thats very reminiscent of Sour Tangie to the nose but the sour citrus is more clearly lime than orange, that will run 9/10 weeks. The other was slightly less common but is very Jaffa Dawg dominant – taking her structure and incredible incense, new rubber, aniseed and orange gas aromas finishing up in 8 weeks.

Throughout all of our runs with Jaffa Dawg, Jaffaland F1 & F2’s we have never seen a single sign of  hermie/intersex traits. I have seen from my initial testing that it would be fair to expect as with all F2 stock, for there to be more variety and diversity, opening the pool to find some truly exceptional phenos, with expressions very similar to the F1s, with near to all of them carrying a clear orange/citrus gas flavour with varied amounts of sweet/candy to sour gas influences and excellent resin production. Finishing times with vary pheno dependent with some finishing as soon as 7 weeks and others running up to 9/10 weeks. Also wanted to add all due love and respect to Frosted London Dank as well for all their top quality work to breed the Jaffa Dawg!

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