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KC 36 Cannabis Seeds


The KC 36 is famous for its mega yield of up 900 grams a plant and rapid flowering time of just 6-8 weeks.

Gigantic 900 gram yields

Great medicinal strain

Epic levels of THC

In fact because this seed is so widely admired by growers, the KC Brains team have never revealed her genetical heritage and keep the parents of this mega successful plant as a secret.

K.C. 36 is a true THC bomb that produces giant buds and is incredibly productive. This strain also has gained a reputation for its medicinal attributes, and is known to help patients who suffer from pain, psychiatric symptoms, and inflammation.


Height: Indoors 75cm, Outdoors 175cm
Flowering Time: Indoors 6-8 Weeks, Outdoors 6-9 Weeks
Indica/Sativa: Indica / Sativa
Yield: Indoors 175gr, Outdoors 900 gr
Harvest: End Of September/Early October
THC: 20%
CBD: 1%
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor / Outdoor
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