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Kush N Cheese (Dinafem Seeds)


When the UK and the US combine their two flagship cannabis strains you’d expect a pretty spectacular blaze. The Kush n Cheese doesn’t disappoint- this is one mega smoke.

·      Big cheesy flavours

·      Massive amounts of potent resin

·      A blaze that will bring you to your knees

The flavour of Kush’n’Cheese is really cheesy, as you may have guessed. However, the subtle touches of lemon and diesel fuel take this strain to a whole new level, this is an intense and special flavour.

This is one seriously stinky plant when she’s blooming, don’t get us wrong, it smells great but it’s probably a good idea to get your best filter on the job when she hits this stage- unless you welcome any uninvited guests to your grow room!

Her buds are tight, dense and heavy and she delivers mammoth amounts of potent resin. This is not a smoke for beginners- even the veterans get blasted from this.

The description of Kush N Cheese (Dinafem Seeds) is based on the information provided by  Dinafem Seeds. Check out the disclaimer page for more info…

Height: Outdoors up to 3m
Flowering Time: 55-60 Days
Indica/Sativa: 60% Sativa / 40% Indica
THC: 20%
CBD: 1%
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor / Outdoor
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