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Lemongrass Regular Seeds – from Humboldt Seed Co.


Lemongrass Regular is an indica-dominant (70%) F4 strain which develops enormous plants displaying amazing hybrid vigour and with very high resistance to both moulds and assorted plant diseases. High levels of THC are matched by a really intense terpene profile which screams “lemons”.

Lemongrass resulted from a cross of Lemon Kush Bx3 with Humboldt Gelato. These are fast-flowering plants taking a mere 50 days of flowering indoors before growers can harvest these extremely potent buds. Outdoor growers will have to wait until the last week of September through to the first week of October in northern latitudes before plants are fully mature and ready to be cut. These vigorously-growing plants have very good resistance to plant diseases and various types of mould making outdoor cultivation an attractive proposition. Buds are easy to trim whether done manually or using a bud-trimming machine.

Its scent is overwhelmingly of citrus/lemons and it is easy to understand how this strain got its name. Its flavour is like sour lemon drops with some diesel type notes. The effect is one of extreme potency and it has a wonderfully uplifting quality.


BREEDER/BRAND Humboldt Seed Co.
GENETICS Lemon Kush Bx3 x Humboldt Gelato
PACK SIZE 10 Seeds
VARIETY Mostly Indica
SEX Regular
GROWS Indoors, Outdoors
HARVEST MONTH Late September – early October
TASTE / FLAVOUR Diesel, Fuel, Lemon, Sour
EFFECT Strong, Uplifting


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