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Strawberry Diesel x C99 Female Cannabis Seeds by Brothers Grimm Seeds


When two powerhouse strains like Strawberry Diesel and the Holy Grail Cinderella 99 combine, it’s pure Brothers Grimm fuel for the soul!  We decided to induce our very select Cinderella 99 female to create pollen via Silver Thiosulphate treatment to ensure 100% females. The Cinderella 99 genes also add structure, resin production and more stability to the legendary Strawberry Diesel “clone only” female.

The goal was to improve certain features – without taking away from the flavor, smell and raw power of the mother plant. We hit our mark, and now we’d like to share it with all of you.

Morphology: Strawberry Diesel x C99 grows incredibly thick flowers that continue to bulge and grow fatter and fatter throughout the 8 weeks of flowering. They have a nice strong branching pattern that becomes a classic Christmas tree shape if left unpruned. Watch for the colorful phenotypes to show themselves in the final 3 weeks.

How Does it Smoke? It’s smooth smoke, expanding in the lungs effecting an immediate euphoria. The flavor is mostly inherited from Cinderella 99, but with a significant Indica contribution from the Strawberry Diesel.

We recommend growing a dominant cola on plants that have been super-cropped to allow lower branches to come up 6″ below the apical meristem. An average NPK feeding regimen will work best for most growing styles… they are very forgiving plants – a good choice for new growers still building their skills.

Product Features

  • 8 Female Seeds
  • Yield: Above average, depending on skill and growing style.
  • Lineage: Strawberry Diesel “clone only” female x Cinderella 99 female.
  • Flowering Time: Averages 60-65 days.
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