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Tropicanna Kush Regular Cannabis Seeds by Oni Seed Co


Tropicanna Kush combines the unique (SFV x TK) OG Kush with the ONI SEED CO flagship, Tropicanna Cookies F1 male. Of all the OG Kush in the world, I chose to work with this cut of SFVTK because of its outrageous yields and unique spear-minty, OG Kush alcohol terpene profile. Pairing this with my Tropicanna F1 male creates a high yielding, superb tasting hybrid that has impressed us so much we will be continuing to work this line for years to come. Growers can expect this plant to remain a bit shorter than its OG Kush mother and will reward you with large yields of supreme, easy to trim bud that reeks of orange/cinnamon, lemon, gas/chemicals and mint. The Mother cut used in this cross takes every bit of 70 days so we recommend about the same amount of time in flower with most phenotypes finishing a bit faster.

QTY: 12 Regular Seeds

Product Features

  • Genetics: (SFV x TK) OG Kush x Tropicanna Cookies F1 Male
  • Flowering Times: 70 Days
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