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Vanilla Frosting is a totally sensational 65% indica which has achieved the seemingly impossible goal of taking the famed Gelato line and actually improving it. Increased hybrid vigour, extreme THC levels and a hugely complex terpene profile all contribute to make Vanilla Frosting a complete triumph of cannabis breeding.

Vanilla Frosting was created by crossing Humboldt Gelato with another strain from the region known as Humboldt Frost. The resulting strain is a larger plant with strong stems which will easily support the thick, dense, trichome-covered buds from snapping them. What’s more, this strain is pretty straightforward to grow as well. Indoors, flowering will take 60 days, give or take a few days, while outdoor northern hemisphere growers will be able to harvest their crop in the first half of October. Buds may well display some attractive blue/purple colours in the buds. Manicuring the buds is easy work due to their structure and inter-nodal spacing.

Vanilla Frosting produces a creamy flavour of vanilla complemented by the fuel-like character of OG Kush. With THC content up to 30% it has a soaring and giggly high. Not recommended for novice smokers or the faint-hearted.


BREEDER/BRAND Humboldt Seed Co.
GENETICS Humboldt Gelato Bx3 x Humboldt Frost
PACK SIZE 10 Seeds
VARIETY Mostly Indica
SEX Regular
GROWS Indoors, Outdoors
HARVEST MONTH October 1st – 15th.
TASTE / FLAVOUR Cream, Diesel, Fuel, Vanilla
EFFECT Giggly, Uplifting

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